General Objectives

The overall objective for which EAUMP is established is to enhance research, teaching and capacity building in the East Africa.


  1. To assist the countries in East Africa to build and sustain a critical mass of credible mathematicians through postgraduate training and research.

  2. To promote joint research amongst Mathematicians in participating Institutions and other and scientists.

  3. To promote review of Mathematics Programmes and introduce missing relevant areas of Mathematics in the curriculum.

  4. To promote activities of mathematics, other than those mentioned above, that have a regional character.

  5. To promote Postgraduate training.

  6. To attract talent and to encourage students to study mathematics.

  7. To promote gender balance within the field of Mathematics within the region.

  8. To provide avenues for international cooperation and links in various areas of mathematics.

  9. To encourage and implement effective utilization of resources available to the programme at the participating institutions.

  10. To promote and facilitate dissemination and exchange of information.

  11. To solicit resources for carrying out activities that are of strategic importance for the development of East Africa.

The expected results of the project include:-

  • Improved Mathematics Publications  profile in the region

  • Increased  number of Mathematics PhD holders in the region

  • Improved human and non-human resources of participating departments

  • Introduction of new Mathematics areas in the curriculum of participating departments
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