MSc Training

List of MSc Graduates at UDSM

  1. Mr. Damas P. Kavenuke (MSc) Graduated in 2005
    MSc Title: Modelling Laminar Flow a Fixed Impermeable Disk and Porous Rotating Disk.
  2. Herieth Rwezaura (MSc): Graduated in 2008.
    MSc  Title: A Mathematical Model of Influenza with Treatment and Vaccination.
  3. Mr. Helikumi Mlyashimbi (MSc.): Graduated in 2011
    MSc Title: Transmission Dynamics of Infectious Diseases By Immigrants in a Vaccinated and Temporary Immune Protected Population.
  4. Mr. Kira Justin William: (MSc):  Graduated in 2011
    MSc Title: ModellingThe effect of Optimizing Clean Renewable Energy Revenues Over Rotation Ages.
  5. Ms. Salma Saleh Moh’d  (MSc.) Graduated in 2012
    MSc Title: Modelling  and Forecasting Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Growth with Special Focus on Tourism in Zanzibar.
  6. Ms. Lydia Lwegelela (MSc): Graduated in 2014
    MSc Area:  Analysis
  7. Mr. Geradius Deogratias (MSc):. studies was full sponsored by ISP, Graduated in 2015
    MSc Title : Analysis
  8. Ms. Dellvine Koka (MSc): Graduated in 2016
    MSc Title: Analysis
  9. Mr. Aloyce Melkiory Marandu (MSc): Graduated in 2018
    MSc Title: Characterization of Hypercyclic and chaotic operators on Frechet space.
  10. Ms Neema Wilberth (MSc).: Graduated in 2018
    MSc Title: Investigation of somewhere dense orbits on the complex Hilbert space.
  11. Dadi Safari Emanuel (MSc): Graduated in 2020
    MSc Title: Further investigation on pseudo-complete topological spaces
  12. Annastazia Hema (MSc):  Graduated in 2020
    MSc Title: Investigating the effects of climate change oTransmission dynamics of malaria
  13. Jonas James (MSc): Graduated in 2020
    MSc Title: Heat and mass transfer through nanofluid with slip condition and radiation effect along  permeable
  14. Watson Levens (MSc): Graduated in 2014
    MSc Title: Mathematical Modelling of co- application of Long Lasting Insecticidal  Nets  and Insecticides  Zooprophylaxis Against the Resilience Anopheles Arabiensis for Effective Malaria Prevention


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