Administration of EAUMP is divided in two groups, the Coordinating Committee (CC) and Advisory Committee (AC).

Coordinating Committee (CC)

Members of Coordinating Committee (CC) are:

    • The overall coordinator who is the Head/Chair of the Department hosting the overall network coordination or a person appointed by such a head or chair.
    • University node Coordinators nominated by the Departments at the participating institutions.
    • Representative of the funding agency/ISP
    • The Secretary of the CC  is the node coordinator of the Department hosting the overall Coordination or a person appointed by such a head or chair.

The following link leads you to the current members of CC HERE



Members of Advisory Committee (AC) are:

    • Heads of Departments from each of the member institutions;
    • One eminent Mathematician from each participating institution nominated by Department and who is not a head of Department or member of the coordinating committee;
    • One eminent Mathematician from an external participating Institution (nominated by ISP);
    • A representative of the ISP;
    • Chairperson of the Coordinating Committee;
    • Overall coordinator is secretary of the committee and advisory committee shall elect its chair.
    • For current members of AC click HERE


The Coordinators meetings usually take place twice or once per year. The meetings are intended to organize and monitor all EAUMP activities.

The Advisory Committee meeting usually takes place annually. This is a committee for monitoring and giving advice in all activities of EAUMP.

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